The ‘’Stronger With Breastmilk Only’’ initiative remains a priority for the French Muskoka Fund.  Breastfeeding is not just a woman's business. Let's work together to ensure that babies under six months of age receive only breastmilk.

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Manufacturers of breastmilk substitutes (BMS) are capitalizing on COVID-19 fears by using health claims and misinformation about breastfeeding to deceive millions of breastfeeding mothers into using breastmilk substitutes, a new review of their promotional materials and activities in major world regions shows.


The webinar held in early December gathered more than 200 stakeholders from across the region who learned how the ‘Stronger With Breastmilk Only’ initiative is supporting health officials to increase rates of exclusive breastfeeding.

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Our warmest wishes for the New Year to everyone working across the region to increase awareness of the importance of exclusive breastfeeding - and save the lives of mothers and children !

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More than 200 stakeholders from across the region learned how the Stronger With Breastmilk Only initiative is supporting health officials to increase rates of exclusive breastfeeding during webinars in French and English in early December. The webinar presented the regional initiative, including its objectives, tools and resources, and support for national programs.

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Addressing the problem of exclusive breastfeeding in West and Central Africa called for a new approach – “business as usual” would not suffice, UNICEF West and Central Africa Nutrition Advisor Simeon Nanama told participants at the 11th Africa Food and Nutrition Security Day global webinar event in October. The new approach is Stronger With Breastmilk Only.